About Dairy Futures CRC

About Dairy Futures CRC

Dairy Futures Cooperative Research Centre (CRC) is a large scale partnership between dairy farmers, pasture and cattle breeding companies, government and researchers, and is the largest single research program for the Australian dairy industry. Dairy Futures CRC was established and is supported under the Commonwealth Government Cooperative Research Centre program.


Dairy Futures CRC’s vision is to create a positive future for Australian dairy farmers, and for companies that provide products and services to the dairy industry, through transformational innovations.

The major challenge

Dairy Futures CRC is directly addressing the dairy industry’s major challenge: a return to 2% total factor productivity gains that drove the profitability and subsequent expansion of the dairy industry through the 1980s and 1990s. Through innovations positioned to capture value at farm, factory and community levels, the CRC will assist the dairy industry to expand to meet the expected growth in global demand for dairy products, and increase export earnings for Australia.

Planned benefits to the dairy industry

Dairy Futures CRC will deliver:

  • $320 million in value to Australian dairy farmers, through improvements in pasture cultivars and breeding dairy cattle
  • Double the rate of genetic gain in Australian dairy herds, through more reliable genomic breeding values, and a better balance between fertility, production and feed conversion efficiency
  • An increase in the productive value of dairy farms by at least $500/ha, through pastures with better feed quality, yield and persistence
  • Technological innovations efficiently translated to direct value for dairy farmers, through partnerships with commercial organisations
  • The ongoing capacity for further bioscience innovations through the support and training of new scientists, from forging global science linkages, and from the rapid adoption of new technology as it becomes available.

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