Dairy Futures CRC post-graduate training = world-class bioscience research training

Dairy Futures CRC’s post-graduate training program links PhD, Masters and Honours students with industry and ensures students develop skills for career-long success.

“The Dairy Futures CRC has allowed me to build on my passion for dairy pasture research whilst developing skills for my long-term career success and building real world industry relationships and connections.”

Luke Pembleton
PhD student

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Post-graduate training

Our students are provided with professional development opportunities including: 

  • Partnering with a dairy industry mentor
  • Training in communication
  • Training in research commercialisation
  • Career management
  • Research skills development
  • Networking across the Australian dairy industry
  • Travel to national and international conferences.

Current Dairy Futures CRC students

Designer Forages

  • Haleh Aghili: Functional genomics of self-incompatibility in perennial ryegrass (Lolium perenne L.)
  • Pieter Badenhorst: Molecular breeding strategies for transgenic Lolium grasses
  • Antony Crowther: Metabolome of grass-endophyte symbiota
  • Piyumi Ekanayake: Molecular genetic analysis of fescue-derived fungal endophytes
  • Inoka Hettiarachchige: Reporter endophytes and studies of host colonisation and symbiotum development
  • Claire Lewis: Analysing the potential value of novel white clover for Australian dairy farm systems
  • Zibei Lin: Computational simulation studies of genomic selection on perennial ryegrass
  • Cameron Ludemann: Modelling the impact of GM forage innovations for the Australian dairy industry
  • Luke Pembleton: Advanced phenomics and genomics asistsed breeding of perennial (Lolium perenne L.) and Italian (Lolium multiflorum Lam.) ryegrass
  • Samira Rahimi-Ashtiani: Biosynthesis of proanthocyanidins in white clover: single cell omics for designing pathway re-programming

Animal Improvement

  • Mary Abdelsayed: Quantitative genetics and genomic selection of extended lactation traits in Australian dairy cattle
  • Hassan Aliloo: Exploiting non-additive genetic effects for fertility
  • Frances Bowley: Pleiotrophy and genotype by environment interactions affecting dairy cattle fertility in Australia
  • Lesley Gray: Using biological pathway and genome sequence information to map variants affecting milk production in dairy cattle
  • Majid Khansefid: Genomic selection for residual feed intake
  • Ross Koufariotis: Using functional information in genomic selection based on full genome sequence data
  • Luis Malaver-Ortega: Bovine pluripotent stem cells: Strategies for generation and differentiation towards germ cells
  • Catriona Millen: Fine mapping QTL for milk production traits in dairy cattle
  • Elizabeth Ross: Investigating the bovine microbiome using massively parallel sequencing
  • Ting Ting Wang: Computationally efficient genomic predictions with full genome sequence data

Dairy Futures CRC graduates

Our graduates:

  • Are innovative and creative researchers
  • Understand the dairy industry and contribute to its vitality
  • Build and maintain effective professional networks
  • Recognise the commercial potential of research
  • Understand the broader social, environmental and political implications of their research.

Graduate destinations

Ten CRC students have successfully completed their PhD so far and the majority of graduates continue in scientific research.

Destinations of 2012-13 CRC PhD graduates included:

  • Universidade Federal de Viçosa, Brazil (molecular plant breeding)
  • CSIRO Plant Industry, Adelaide (plant reproduction research)
  • Department of Environment and Primary Industries, Victoria (Designer Forages program)

Program contact

Belinda Griffiths
Manager, Education and Industry Engagement
T: (03) 9032 7187
E: belinda.griffiths@dairyfuturescrc.com.au

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