Sex selection = more heifers, improved animal welfare and greater genetic gain

Through the Dairy Futures CRC’s Sexed semen program, researchers are developing new cost-effective technology to overcome the conception limitations of existing sex-selection technology.

“Sex selection of sperm for female-only births not only improves animal welfare through less unwanted males calves, but also increases the rate of genetic gain by allowing greater heifer selection opportunities.”

Paul Verma
Research leader

Sexed semen — program aims

Existing sex-selection technology has significant limitations due to reduced conception rates. Dairy Futures CRC researchers are applying a two-stage approach to the problem that will:

  • Produce a cost-effective solution, which can be adapted to current management practices, that delivers a 70:30 female:male ratio.
  • Develop a longer-term solution using stem cell technology that has the potential to deliver a 100% female result.

Collaborative approach

All projects in the Sexed semen program involve partnership between research providers and end-user organisations. Organisations that are involved in this program include:

Dairy Australia Monash University

Program contact

Dr Paul Verma
Research leader


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